Awww... A new baby. He's so cute. I'ma gonna call him Kris.

BMW M4 Competition S55B30 3.0l twin turbo 6 cylinder coupé, 2019.
Double clutch transmission.
331kW, 550Nm.

He's not cute, actually. Das ist verrückt. Crazy. Mad. Insane.

Origins of name

The German word 'fetzig' means crazy, wild, hot, peppy, zappy. So Fetzie could have been a good name.

Not sayin' I've gone all midlife-crisis with respect to the wheels, but it would seem the German word for crisis, Krise probably best describes the daily drive conditions from now on, in this unhinged deranged, tyre consuming nut bag of a pile of carbon composite and aluminium. So Kris with a K it is.

(If you are actually having a midlife-crisis, then I can highly recommend the M4.)